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There’s Still Room to Attend “Mental Health & the Faith Community’s Response” This Weekend

1 in 5 Americans live with a mental health condition. Many times they are stigmatized, feared and shunned. Others suffer silently, afraid to share their stories or unable to access the resources they need. As communities of faith, how do we address these issues and minister to those who need help? How can we turn our faith communities into safe havens where those struggling with mental health issues feel welcomed, loved and cared for?

Join us November 11-12 at SpringHouse Ministry Center to explore these questions and more. Keynote speaker Rev. Dr. Sarah Griffith Lund, who has a depth of experience with mental health issues, will dispel the major myths and teach us how to build communities of faith that are welcoming, inclusive, supportive, and engaged. Mental health experts and community partners will give us the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to provide this important ministry in our diverse contexts. Together we will explore the vital role for communities of faith in mental health.  Registration and more information

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