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Special Forum on Becoming a Sanctuary Church February 19

For the months of February, March and April, First Christian, Salem Lutheran and Lyndale UCC will be working together to educate ourselves about the questions regarding becoming a Sanctuary Church. We will do so with an eye toward congregational votes in all three churches some time in April or May to answer the question: Ought we become a Sanctuary Church, A Sanctuary-Supporting Congregation or neither?  If all three churches vote to become Sanctuary Churches, then the SpringHouse Board will vote as well.
We understand that the only way any of our churches can become a sanctuary church is if all of us vote to become a sanctuary church due to the fact that the building is shared.

In order to better understand both the question and what each of our faithful answers might be, we have scheduled a series of educational offerings. They will be held after church and are open to all of our congregations.

The schedule is as follows:

THIS SUNDAY – February 19th after 10:30 am worship: Theological Rooting of Sanctuary
March 26th : Legal Implications of Becoming a Sanctuary Church
April 9th: Logistics and Practicalities

Join us as we discern together! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our members.

Thank you,
The SpringHouse Sanctuary Task Force

Rev. Paula Bidle (Lyndale), Kathryn Lee (Lyndale), Wendy Manuel (First), Kathy Hintz (First), Rev. Rhonda Hlavinka, Rev. Ashley Harness, Rev. Rebecca Voelkel

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