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Mission At Our Doorstep Recap – THANK YOU!!!

Mission At Our Doorstep 2016 was an outstanding success!

Kudos to the Mission & Outreach Committee:  Kirsten Cackoski, Pat Dunlop, Karen Kandik, and Pastor Laurie,  for putting Mission At Our Doorstep together – so many great opportunities!

106 people participated with the various mission opportunities; 53 different people involved (not including staff), completed the following:

For Avenues for Homeless Youth:
-Stairwell walls wiped down, basement cleaned, offices vacuumed, windows cleaned, cleaning closet rearranged, towel supply moved

For Church World Service:
-5 Clean-Up Kits
-20 School Kits (including 20 hand sewn bags made by the sewing team)
-50 Hygiene Kits

For Dignity Center:
-220 sandwiches

For Feed My Starving Children:
-79 boxes packed (17,064 meals), 47 kids fed for a year

For Habitat for Humanity:
-Worked with Sunrise Banks on a Habitat build in St. Paul

For Hopewell Music Cooperative North:
-Dishes done, floors mopped, classroom vacuumed, stairs wiped down

For Our Homeless Brothers and Sisters:
-120 Bags of Grace

For Our Neighbors:
-our first ever Community Meal
-Lemonade, Catnip Toys (handmade by the sewing team), Dog Treat, and Watermelon stand

For St. Stephen’s Shelter:
-200 Bag Lunches
-220 Sandwiches

For YouthLink:
-10 Back-to-School Backpacks


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