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Mission At Our Doorstep July 17-20 –

We are so excited about our Mission at Our Doorstep week of missions! The mission projects that will be held at Springhouse during the week include gathering supplies for Church World Service Hygiene Kits, Clean Up Kits and School Kits; making sandwiches for homeless shelters; creating Bags of Grace for people asking for help on street corners; sewing catnip toys and bags for school kits; filling backpacks for YouthLink; offering a lemonade/water/dog treat (and catnip toy)stand for all of our neighbors, and having a community meal with our neighbors. We will also participate in an evening packing session at Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids.

The sign-up sheets are on the worship closet doors in the South Sanctuary. Pick a day, pick a certain mission project or sign up for multiple projects. Invite your friends and family to join in our missions. Supply lists are in the back of the booklet Download Booklet. They are also posted in the South Sanctuary on the worship closet doors. Please sign up for what you would like to bring. After you have purchased those items, please indicate that you have done so by crossing off your items and writing DONE by that entry on the sign-up sheet. In this way we can avoid duplicates of items and know what is still needed.

You may start bringing supplies to the building on Sunday, July 9.

The SpringHouse Mission Trip this year is to Nicaragua from July 27-August 7. Please pray for this group as they journey to do God’s work!

All ages have a place in Mission at Our Doorstep!


Mission and Outreach Team

Karen K., Kirsten, Pat & Pastor Laurie

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