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Minister Recognition Sunday October 16

by Martha Harris, The Courier Editor

October is Ministerial Appreciation Month, a special time that congregations all across the nation set aside to honor pastors and pastoral families for the hard work, sacrificial dedication and multiple blessings provided by these special people.

Both Pastor Laurie Pound Feille and Pastor Dan Adolphson are quick to remind us that, as members of the Disciples of Christ denomination, we ALL are ministers. But the nature of the service provided by our pastors and their families is unique. They are called to serve in countless ways: preachers, teachers, counselors, organizers, event and mission trip planners, cheerleaders, prophets, web masters, innovators, prayer leaders, fund raisers, networkers, social workers – the list is endless.

In addition to our two “official” pastors, FCC is blessed with a multitude of congregational members who have formerly pastored churches, currently work as chaplains or have become trained licensed ministers. This coming Sunday, October 16, during our worship service, we will formally recognize all the commissioned and ordained ministers affiliated with this congregation: Laurie Pound Feille, Dan Adolphson, David Cobb, Bryan Feille, Garry Hesser, Jay Hillestad, Mary Hurlocker, Ron Keith, Lynda Lee, Chris McDonald-Dennis, Wendy Manuel, Ana Wilson, and Tom West.

Throughout this month and year, please remember to find your special way to say thanks and to show your appreciation for our pastors and others – chaplains, Sunday School teachers, regional leaders, retired pastors – for their selfless service.

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