An Open and Affirming, Welcoming Community of Faith in the Heart of the Twin Cities

We believe that God is love and we proclaim and celebrate Jesus Christ as the son of the living God who offers saving grace to all and whose Spirit is at work through us. We believe the body of Christ is not complete until all people are included at the table and we welcome all people without regard to economic status, race, sexual orientation, background or cultural upbringing. We welcome GLBT people into full fellowship and leadership in our church without reservation. No matter where we are in our faith journeys, all are invited to worship, pray, learn, share, play, and minister with us, among us and through us. In the spirit of Jesus Christ who actively sought to minister to all people, we seek to serve the local and global community, especially where there is hunger, suffering and brokenness. In the spirit of our Disciple heritage, we value individual and congregational freedom of belief and gather with our differences, united by and in Christ alone.