MIssion At Our Doorstep Logo2016 Mission At Our Doorstep will take place July 18-23.  Information coming soon!

Thank you to everyone who helped with Mission At Our Doorstep last summer!  Here’s what we accomplished:

-Deep cleaning of the kitchen at Avenues for Homeless Youth
-242 Sandwiches for The Dignity Center
-14 back-to-school backpacks for Tubman Center
-50 Meals on Wheels bags decorated for Community Emergency Service
-100 Bags of Grace (given out to our homeless brothers and sisters around the Twin Cities)
-10 school kits for Church World Service
-58 hygiene kits for Church World Service
-Sorted music for Hopewell Music’s library
-Hospitality delivered to our neighborhood through the lemonade/dog treat stand
-14 backpacks for YouthLink
-208 Sandwiches and Bags for Simpson Shelter