For our 2015 Good Friday service, Guest Artist Ta-Coumba Aiken painted a picture based on the readings and choral music shared during the service.

About the Artist:

Ultimately, Aiken is a painter, an illustrator, a graphic artist, a muralist, a lecturer, a curator, an arts advocate, and a community collaborator. He works with ink, paint, glass, metal, wood, clay, ceramics, and landscaping materials. He has achieved a career as an artist through grants and fellowships, exhibitions, commissioned works, speaker workshops and other collaborations. His work spans several decades, disciplines, and mediums. “My thing was having all these different outlets so people can see me and I can see them,” he explains. “I create my art to heal the hearts and souls of people.”

He feels that the future of art is not in what gets stored and displayed inside museums, but in what is available for all the public to see and enjoy. “I don’t know what the future of art is, but it should be in the communities. I want my art to be relevant in how it makes somebody feel.”

You can learn more about Ta-Coumba here.

The Good Friday Work: