The Arts at First are a different and inviting way to help people enter into Scripture and encounter God during worship.

Music is an integral part of the worship service and the community at First Christian Church Minneapolis.  With members and visitors as choir members, handbell players, instrumentalists, vocal soloists, or just music enthusiasts, we believe our music is not only a joyful expression of worship, but another way to illuminate the scriptures we hear and the values we uphold.Each Sunday from September through May, you can hear our Sanctuary Choir sing traditional and contemporary selections.  Each of the choir’s four sections is led by a professional vocalist; at least one of these chooses a solo to sing during the service. Once a month, the hand bell choir plays, adding another dimension to the service.  Our long-awaited organ is finally coming home and will be a part of our Sundays again beginning this fall.  For special occasions, we often invite guest singers or instrumentalists to add to the worship. We are a welcoming congregation, meeting you wherever you are in your walk and your faith.  Illustrative of this is the variety of music to be heard each week.  From traditional hymns to gospel, harp to drums, Baroque keyboard works to marimba solos, music at first is an enthusiastic endeavor thriving on the differences and connections in our community.  Come join us!

Handbell choir:  rehearses 6:30-7:30 Wednesday evenings, September – May.

Choir:  rehearses 7:45-9:00 Wednesday evenings, September through May.

Special Music:  there are many opportunities for special music during worship.

To get involved, please contact our Director of Music, Adam Conrad.

Narrative Players

This group helps bring the Narrative Lectionary to life during various seasons of the church year through acting out of the scripture text (no memorization required).  All ages are welcome!  For more information, contact Deb Murphy, Director of Spiritual Formation for Children and Youth

Visual Arts

Deb Murphy, Director of Spiritual Formation for Children and Youth, selects a variety of artwork to help bring the scripture alive.

For 2015, visual art was the chosen medium.  Art series have included The Art of Easter and Lent series with our guest artist Ta-Coumba Aikenand The Art of Advent & Christmas.  

For 2016, fabric art is the chosen medium.