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A Pastoral Letter From Pastor Laurie

Dear Church, Today some of us woke up to a world where our presidential candidate won and some of us woke up to a world where our presidential candidate lost. That is the way elections work.

There is a difference this time though in that many groups of people woke up today fearful that their civil rights are in jeopardy, their lives are in jeopardy, their place in society is in jeopardy and/or dismissed due to the ugly political banter that occurred this election.
Many of you have asked me for words of wisdom and I have been searching all morning for those words. 

I do believe in a God of love, grace, mercy and justice. I believe in a God that loves all people and all of creation. It is up to all of us to live out this love, grace, mercy and justice for all of God’s creation. That is what I am called to do as a pastor and that is what we pastors call our congregations to do. I may not like the way the election turned out but that will not stop me from standing up for the rights of all people and working for a more just world.

Maybe the best words of wisdom I can share are the words that I shared to my gifted, intelligent, beautiful 9 year old granddaughter who believed before this morning that women, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, people of different religious traditions, people from other countries, people of different abilities, can do anything and be treated as equal in this world. She is now afraid for herself and for her friends. Here is what I wrote to her:

“Dear Lark, There are women and men in your life who will continue to work for justice for all no matter what. We are scared too but making this world a better place for you, your brother and your cousins is our main priority. We will not let the next 4 years be the last word. We love you way too much to let that happen. Love you, Grandma Laurie”

So, if you woke up today relieved that your candidate won then know that my prayers are with you. If you woke up today fearful because your candidate did not win know that my prayers are with you. Most of all know that I love all of you way too much to let any of you feel less than and that I will always stand on the side of justice for all. That is the claim that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has on my life. Much love and peace, Pastor Laurie

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