Deb Murphy

Deb is a life-long Disciple and a preacher’s kid to boot. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, she spent most of her growing up years in West Central Illinois and her senior year of high school in Germany. She received her BA from Knox College earned an MS in Health Science at Western Illinois University.

Theater became a passionate avocation and after moving to the Twin Cities in November 1988, it eventually became a passionate vocation. She worked at the Guthrie Theater from 1995-2009 and continues to costume for schools and community theaters.

She joined First Christian in the spring of 1989. From 1995-2006 she was the newsletter editor, as well as having been fairly active in the life of the church. She started attending United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities in the fall of 2007, taking classes parttime in the Master of Arts in Theology and Arts program. Her particular art emphases have been theater and photography.

For Deb, art is a means of encountering God, the Holy, the Sacred, the Divine. She started a class for children in the fall of 2009, called “Art of the Covenant”. The class reads Bible stories and does art work to go along with the stories (to date, the origami jumping frogs to go along with the plagues of Egypt has been the favorite, although flying kites on Pentecost runs a very close second).